Speaker placement in my Room

I was wondering if someone could help me with speaker placement in my living room area. I have my TV on the fireplace wall.

I was wondering were would be the best place to put my speakers. The seating position were i sit is on the corner sofa.

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What speakers do you have?
For rears I would be looking at getting some dipole/bipoles to disperse the sound well given your limited space at the back.
If you have satelite speakers then I would mount them either side of the tv and the centre either above or below with the rears towards the corners of the rear wall pointing towards the corner sofa.
If you have floorstanders/ standmounts then you would need to place them either side of the fireplace and again point them towards the corner sofa (the rears would still be in the same place as before).
This will not be ideal since you are sitting off centre to the TV and the sound on the 2 seater is not going to be a great surround experience but it is about as good as I can see it being given your room layout.
I have the HT-S5405 package i think it is, There are not the best speakers but i there will do for now until i get the funds for my new system.

Well i was thinking have putting my fronts either side of the Tv, but its only about 5-6cm from the tv and the center will be below the tv.

With the surround speakers , this is were it gets hard for me, becuase there need to be wall mounted, i have brought some brackets for them too. i was going to put one of them next to front window and the other next to the side window.

Like this picture below (Where is the best place to my sub also?



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I would move the left rear one so that it is on the same wall as the right one. Since it is a small speaker it will not be affected much by being in the corner. Otherwise the left will be in front of you which may sound a bit weird. In theory the sub can be placed anywhere in the room as it is non directional but it may interact with the room and cause boomy or inconsistent bass. This is hard to predict although placing it in the alcoves either side of the fireplace would give you move chance of boomy bass hence it may be best to avoid these areas. So you may have to try a few positions to see which works best from a sound performance vs looks point of view. One option would be by the front window on the side of the corner sofa.

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I'd have it like this:


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Thank you for your suggestion, where would you put the surround speakers if I sit in the corner of the corner suite.
Hmmm, thats' a bit more tricky. I'd try these 2 positions and see which sounds the best, note the green position the speakers are facing towards you:


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The corner or the corner seat is always going to be a further compromise on your surround sound on what is already a compromise. The seat Chord Freak hs identified as the best would be the one I would go for and the one I would set the speakers up for. At least in that seat you are fairly central to the TV and can get the speakers in a reasonable configuration (and not too close to you at the rear) for a reasonable surround experience.

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