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Speaker placement help


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Hi guys,

Need some help, the placement of my new speakers...

The room is a bedroom it's 4m x 4m

There is a 50" plasma mounted on one wall the wall that faces that wall has a kingside bed against it, so when in bed you look directly down the bed at the screen....

Speaker package I have is the tannoy hts101

The screen is centred in the middle of the wall.... Now the front speakers can I put them right next to the tv ?? They will be wall mounted... If they can go either side of the tv it helps with the hiding of the cables... Or is this a bad idea?? Can the centre go directly below??

For the rear speakers as the bed is against the wall the speakers can't go behind.... So do I mount them on the rear wall pointing at the front wall? Do I angle them in to the centre of the room?? Or do I put them on the side walls in the corners facing me the viewer??

Any help would be great thanks guys!!



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Hi James,
I'm not sure why you're worried about this - you've pretty much described very good speaker locations! They're not quite ideal, but people do have a lot worse.
Home systems are often a compromise, and I think that yours will do fine.

Front speakers are designed to go just either side of the screen. (Ideally at ear height, but angled up or down if not)
Centre should be just above or below it.
Surround speakers should be to either side of you (or slightly behind) and facing in. Remember that they are 'surround' speakers and not 'rear' speakers. Rears are something that get added when you move to 7.1 or more.

There's a good guide for ideal angles from the screen here:

As you see from that, fronts should be 22-30 degrees out from the centre, so if we assume a viewing distance of 3.5m (length of your room, minus a bit), then that can be between 1.31m and 1.75m from the TV's centre-line. If yours are butted right up against the screen then they'd be close than this, but probably still separated enough to give a good enough soundstage. Some AVRs even have narrow-speaker-angle mode to put some processing on the audio, to separate them out a bit.

Then the surrounds should be between 90 and 110 degrees back. So directly alongside the listener and facing in is fine.


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Thanks for the help :) will read that link, I have been worrying that I was going to mess things up ha!!!

Now at least I can get the mounts on the walls and get my wiring done so that Xmas day when I'm finally allowed them I can just mount it and be ready to make noise :)




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No worries.
Remember that there are many other things affecting the acoustics in a real room situation than just speaker placement. Various echoes and standing waves etc.
Although bedrooms probably would do quite well, with all the soft furnishings.
As long as you've aimed for roughly the right places with the speakers, and they're all facing the listener, and you don't put the speakers right in the top corner by the ceiling, then you should be fine.

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