Speaker placement for watching TV & Projector


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Hello all,

Does anyone here have a 6.1/7.1 set-up that they use for watching digital terrestrial tv on a CRT and that they also use for watching DVD's with a front-projector in the same room.

I'm about to start planning the use of a spare room as a "media" room and ideally I want to be able to use this room to watch normal TV in 6.1 surround with DPLIIx but also to have the potential to put a projector & screen into the room to watch DVD's (eg drop the screen in front of the TV and mount the PJ from the ceiling).

The practical problem I can see relates to the placement of speakers. For Tv the seating position will be further forward than for the PJ and this obviously causes a problem with speaker placements and also delay settings on the AV amp.

I would be grateful if anyone who has managed to achieve this could provide a few pointers as to how they have achieved this combination.

Many thanks


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