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Hello all,

Does anyone here have a 6.1/7.1 set-up that they use for watching digital terrestrial tv on a CRT and that they also use for watching DVD's with a front-projector in the same room.

I'm about to start planning the use of a spare room as a "media" room and ideally I want to be able to use this room to watch normal TV in 6.1 surround with DPLIIx but also to have the potential to put a projector & screen into the room to watch DVD's (eg drop the screen in front of the TV and mount the PJ from the ceiling).

The practical problem I can see relates to the placement of speakers. For Tv the seating position will be further forward than for the PJ and this obviously causes a problem with speaker placements and also delay settings on the AV amp.

I would be grateful if anyone who has managed to achieve this could provide a few pointers as to how they have achieved this combination.

Many thanks



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I think its gonna be hard to achieve without moving the seating position backwards and forwards!

I have a similar prob.

My TV is 15ft away (32 widescreen which I am selling on classifieds now) this is too far, I drop a 200cm screen just in front of it for using the PJ.

I currently have a 5.1 but am really in need of a new 7.1 amp but funds dont allow the purchase at the mo.

My ideal scenario is to have a pair of B&W dipole speakers on the walls either side and get rid of my 601's which are currently sat in the rear corners and them mount the rear centres behind the seating position. The B&W dipoles allow monopole or dipole based on your pref as well so it gives a degree of flexibility.

Also as you have said you would need to change some of the settings on the amp, no one as far as I know allows speaker profiles as yet - so that you can switch between them, this should IMHO be an option for such sit's where a PJ and TV are used.

I dunno if I just rambled on, but hope theres a nugget of good thinking advice there!




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Hello ToneTrainer,

Thanks for replying - perhaps you were the only one to understand the question or maybe I posted on the wrong forum....

Anyway, before I posted I did think it was going to be difficult to combine both types of viewing in one room without having to constantly move the speakers and change the amp settings. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination.

I would love to solve this problem somehow, as with Prologic IIx watching the Tv in 6.1/7.1 is now really worthwhile.

I think I will post the same question on the projectors forum. Maybe those boys have some ideas on what can be done...

Why is this hobby so bloody difficult and infuriating?


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Its dificult and infuriating because not all of us have a dedicated room.

My g/f is currently looking at putting two sofas either side of our firepleace, which spans most of a length wall (if you see what I mean) this essentially cancels out using the TV hence the sale of it, so we would just use the PJ. But then I have a challenge on getting my centre speaker high enough to hear it!!

I thinks its almost mission imp to get exactly what you want these days, but having lobbed so much money at it you have to percevere innit!!

Good luck in reaching your utopia mate!



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Seer ,I have my Tosh PF2 set up in the same room as my PJ the screen pulls down in front of the tv see pics in "LETS SEE YOURS " in the PJ lcds etc forum front speakers Kef Q55s are apprx 2feet either side of TV Tosh 36in therfore they are 6ins from screen viewing position 12ft Surrounds Linn classic unique approx 5ft from center of seating & back channel speakers Mission 77ds approx 4ft from center of seating position.will post diagram of setup later today ...... Jim
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