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Question Speaker placement for av


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I've got a new avr amp and new stereo amp.

I'm planning on doing dirac live calibration for stereo over the weekend and the speakers will be roughly 2.3m apart and 18-20 inches from back wall and about half a meter to left wall and 1m from right wall. I know I have room issues and a basic dirac cal was quite good.

That's the background. My question is would my avr benefit by having the speakers at distance? I have always had my speakers just under the corners of the tv so maybe 60 inches apart. The avr is a Yamaha RR-A3070 I'll be using ypoa, was toying with getting a umik 1 and using rew but that looks complicated.

I did a lot of reading, research and placement to try and get a decent stereo sound, I got part way there without dirac but with it, it was nice. I just need to do a proper one not just a test.

Mr Andy

Active Member
I have left and right at 30 degrees off centre, that puts them about 2.4m apart (measured from the tweeter. The the TV screen is only 104cm wide. It works well.

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