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Hi all, thinking about upgrading and I thought I'd ask your expertise to see if it's worth the money. :)
My current setup is 5.1.2, using a Sony STR-DN1080 and Q Acoustics 3000 series speakers. I've shown off my paint skills in the image; red are normal speakers and sub, green are ceiling speakers, blue-grey is the sofa, light grey is a side board.


I'm considering moving to a 7.1.2 or possibly a 7.1.4 setup. I intend to add two rear speakers on the green Xs on the sideboard. My .2 are built into the ceiling, so I don't have the option of moving them without a proper remodelling, which my better half has already vetoed...

So my question: what options would I have to achieve the ceiling .4? I'd have a choice between adding up-firing speakers near my rear speakers, or adding down-firing speakers high on the rear wall. The up-firing ones would have a higher WAF, so a slight preference for those, but only if they actually add to the experience. Would either option be any use at all, or would there be no real gain, since the speakers would be quite far behind the listening position?

For either option: would anyone be able to make a recommendation on what to get that pairs well with my Q Acoustics? I would settle for reasonably well, since I very much enjoy the experience but I'm hardly an audiophile... Budget would be around 100-150 per speaker, maybe a touch more if I found the perfect ones.

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