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Good day one and all. :)

I've decided to treat myself to a new TV and Cinema-In-A-Box and I need some help confirming what I have researched thus far. My bedroom does not have the ideal dimensions because it is nearly a square being W172" x D140" x H96" so I am installing a lot of sound-dampening on the walls in hopes of avoiding the "undesirable symmetrical room".

The system I have is the new Onkyo HT-S9305THX which is a 5.1 System and the TV, a Panasonic TH-P50U20V.

Here are the questions:

  1. TV Placement:

    I am placing the TV dead-center across the wall that is 172" Wide. The bottom of the TV will be 45" off the ground because when laying in bed, where I'll be watching from, my ear level is 32" high.

  2. Center Speaker:

    The center speaker's bottom edge is also 32" from the ground directly under the TV, dead center. Now, the tweeter of that speaker is about 2" above that putting it at 34". Is this alright?

  3. Left and Right Main Speakers:

    Will be installed 36" away from the edge of the TV's left and right sides. The bottom of each speaker is at 32" as well but if I consider the tweeter height, it will be 40" high. Is this okay, as well?

    From the listening position, both left and right speakers will point 30º inwards creating a triangle in where the apex meets perfectly into the listening position.

  4. Surrounds:

    Both will be installed 58" high, perfectly equidistant from the listening position and will also be about 12" behind my ears. The mounting brackets I got will allow me to turn them in 110º pointing slightly forward to the "ideal" listening position.

  5. Subwoofer:

    The center of the subwoofer will be exactly 57.34" from the left side of the wall where the TV is. This is exactly ⅓ off of the left side of my 172" wall.

I do understand that I am taking this literally to the last detail but if Dolby recommends it, that just makes me good at following instructions, right? :)

Now, does anyone think I am doing anything wrong and if so, what can I do to improve?

I got all my information from this page:

Dolby Home Theater Speaker Placement and Setup Guide

Any comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks for helping out a newbie.

Cheers all. :)


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Good Morning

This would indeed be good guide lines to follow, normally you cant have it perfect due to normal room conditions. I think if you stick to rough placement, I would adjust it to suit how you want it to sound. The sub would be a funny one and wouldn't strictly recommend following it with this, with the sub your best bet would be to just move it around, see where in the room it sounds best.

Normally somewhere along the front wall, putting it into a corner will make it louder, but more boomy and less defined. Where as closer to the middle of the room will make it quieter, but more clean, and from trail and error I have found having it closer to the middle actually gives it a lower bass response, well in my room anyway. You can have a look at how I've got mine theres a link to it in my signature.


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Thank you so much for the reply. I needed a little bit of reassurance before I started punching holes in the walls. Now that I know, I'll go ahead and do the installation tomorrow. :)

Hopefully, I'll have nice pictures to add as well.

Cheers and thank you for the response. :)
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