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Hi all. I'm relatively new to this game but about to spend what for me is a lot on a new system.

I'm contemplating Pioneer 434HDE dsiplay, 868AVi dvdp and AVX5i receiver.

I'm after a speaker set-up that will provide decent quality music listening in addtion to the movie stuff.

Considering KEF Q7 AV package (but this is at the top of my budget) and is it OK muscially? Something nearer the £1,000 mark
would suit the budget metter, but would this sell the audio hardware short?

Any advice welcome - I've spent ages reading up but there's no substitute for experience.


I also wanted something that was good with music, besides home cinema - and looked good (personal taste I know). Auditioned KEF KHT2005.2, B&W VM1's and Monitor Audio Radius - went for the latter, and am very pleased. Went for the MJ Acoustics Reference 100 sub in beech to match the speakers. This came to around the £1000 mark.

Draw up a shortlist and audition - it's the only way, really. Everyone, like myself, will probably recommend what they've got!


i'd agree on the radius series great speakers, but Acoustic energys Evo 5.1 package Floorstanders, bookshelf, centre and sub are available for less than £700!! Well worth a listen if you want to spend less than a grand and have the space for a full size speaker pack!


I'd be very interested to know what you end up choosing.

I'm looking for a new AV set up at the moment, and am seriously looking at the Q7 package with an AX-10 or AX-5 Amp.

I've read very good things about both the speakers and the amp and I think I need to give them an audition and then make a decision.



Hello rmick,
Have you had a listen to Monitor audio s6, SLCR, SFX speakers as i found they are a good match with my Pioneer AX5i smooth sound, I had B&W 600 series and was a bit bright so i had a listen to the Monitor Audio's and much better, i also considered the Kef Q7 range but prefered MA also good price approx £1200!

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