Speaker outlet plates....to use or not to use?


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Hi all,
I am about to start my project and was wondering what everyones thoughts on the use of speaker outlet plates were ? I am not too bothered about the dynamics of the sound as my front end (Yamaha) and rear end (Mordaunt Short) doesn't really justify me being too fanatical.
That said will the use of outlets and banana plugs be detremental to the set-up?


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Personally, I'm not convinced that you'd hear any difference but, there is a school of thought that the fewer breaks (i.e. connectors) in the cable between the amp and the speakers the better.



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When I got my kit (Denon AVR1906 amp, Wharfedale Diamond 9hcp speakers) I had exactly the same question. I tried the amp with the speakers wired direct to it, then wired via the cabling to the wall sockets (there is about 10 meters of cable to the fronts - about half that to the rears) and couldn't tell the difference. I did my own soldering for the socket terminations (it was the first soldering I'd done since school, so by no means an expert!).

Ok, it's not the greatest kit in the world and I probably don't have the best hearing, but neither I or the family can tell the difference, so if a piece of measuring equipment can, I'm not that bothered. It's all relative I guess - compared to the setup I had before, it's leaps and bounds better. I had the same quandry about the acoustics of the room - do I use green glue, double sheets of plaster board etc. etc. If you worry too much about these things, you'll never end up enjoying the kit you've bought and the room you're in :)


Ive just had the same thing. i have used t+e cable in the walls and a plate which i made and soldered up myself and can really not tell the difference. but as the last person said my kit int that good that the wiring would be the thing to reduce the quality. also im never going to turn it up loud enough so that these things become noticable. Also its not about enjoying the stuff, thats what your wifes for, our job is to fiddle with it until we brake it :0)


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sparklesuk said:
Also its not about enjoying the stuff, thats what your wifes for, our job is to fiddle with it until we brake it :0)
Too right - the missus tested out the cinema by playing 'The sound of music; Singalong edition' ... :rolleyes: Really pushed the capabilities of the system that did!

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