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Speaker ohms

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Dave20, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. Dave20


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    I was recently looking at buying some 4ohm speakers but was unsure whether or not my Yamaha A2 would be able to run them ok (untill i get my seperates). I've had a set of Definitive tech speakers running on it for about a year now. So i went and checked on the website what ohm's they were and this would tell me if the A2 could handle it. the website said 4-8ohms so i mailed Definitive to find out the actual ohms on my speakers

    this is the reply i got :)

    Thanks for your recent email to Definitive Technology. The impedance of a loudspeaker is more complex than one number. Technically speaking, the impedance of a loudspeaker varies with what frequency its trying to reproduce. Meaning at one frequency, a loudspeaker may present an impedance of 4 ohms to receiver and at another frequency, it may present an impedance of 18 ohms.....

    With this in mind, an engineer could actually graph the impedance of a loudspeaker in relation to what frequency it is given. When looking at this graph, the question becomes.......How do determine the "average" impedance of a loudspeaker? If I had to give you an "average" impedance for the BP2004s, I'd say they were 6 ohms. (Does this mean that our speakers are harder to drive than another manufacturer's speakers that are averaged out to 8 ohms? It might depend on how the impedance curve or graph is averaged

    Most modern amplifiers should have no problems driving speakers with an average impendence of 6 ohms.

    interesting :) (well for me neways)
  2. fred123go


    Sep 16, 2003
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    Cobham, Surrey
    hey there,
    Yup before i did all my research on home cinema and was looking to get my new system, the one i have atm, i had a 'problem' with speaker ohmage not matching that of my amp, my speakers are also rated at nominal 4-8 ohms.
    4 ohm speakers are 'harder' to drive for the amp, they cause more current to reside within the amp so during extreme circumstances, within a particular point in the film, all your speakers would be running at 4 ohms and the amp may switch off because too much current is going through it. I am not sure if this is the case with your amp but it is with mine, i have never had this problem and i play my films loud, at reference level the whole time, so i am sure your amp will be fine.
    I started to panic as i bought my amp before i had ordered my speakers and when i was told of the possible problem, the speaker company probably aren't the best people to talk too as the speakers don't usually get damaged it is the amp that does. But they do overexaggerate, i was told to no way use my speakers with my amp but 2 months on all are fine and amp has never cut out.
    IMO you should be fine

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