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Speaker links confused !

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by eddie_talbot, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. eddie_talbot


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    I bought some second-hand speakers (B&W CDM 1NT) a while back. They didn't come with the links at the back, but that was OK because I was bi-wiring them with two separate runs of cable from two separate terminals on my amp.

    I have now bought a better amplifier which has only one set of speaker terminals and so I can only use one cable run to each speaker (so I am not biwiring anymore)... but of course now I have no links so the speakers don't sound right.

    I phoned up a Hi-Fi shop who said there's no point in buying spare links because you can insert the banana plugs a different way, however I'm not sure I totally understood what they were saying.

    To be honest I'd rather use the proper links ... does anyone know where I can get some, or can anyone describe an alternative solution (in plain English) ?
  2. S H A D O

    S H A D O
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    Mar 16, 2001
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    You can still run two lengths of cable to the speakers but it means you will have to connect them into the same terminal at the amp end. Another alternative is to use just one run to the speaker and then use a smaller run of cable to connect the two terminals together (jumper cable).

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