Speaker leads


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Can someone please tell me if the length of
a speaker lead affects the performance of the
On my system, which is a videologic digitheatre dts,
the left rear speaker seems a little quieter than the
rear right so I have to increase the level slightly to
bring them into balance.
Now, the lead feeding the rear left is approx. 15 feet
longer than the one feeding the rear right due to routing
problems in my room.
Would I be better off increasing the length of the rear
right lead to match that of the left?


You can test that theory by changing over the cables at the amp end to see if the problem shows on the other speaker.


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Iv'e tried that and the longest lead still seems a bit
quieter. It could be my set-up as I have a small and
L-shaped room but would still like to know if length
matters !!! (Hope I don't get censored!)


I would agree that length can cause what you say....... but i would normally only say so in a far more revealing system. Most will disagree with me however.


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