Question Speaker impedance setting on Yamaha RX-A1080


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This has been asked many times and I have read numerous threads and articles about this but still have (to me) an unanswered question.

My Dali Opticon LCR speakers have a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and I have set my receiver accordingly. However it seems the general consensus is to set the impedance to 8 ohms as it does not do any apparent harm. Will there be a worthwhile audible improvement if I change to 8 ohms? Will I need to re-run YPOA? I don't listen at very high volumes.

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You should leave your AV receiver set to its default 8ohm setting irrespective of the impedance of the speakers.

You are effectively starving those speakers of power if setting the impedance switch lower than the default.

The reasons why that switching is now included onboard AV receivers and why it is best not to employ it are extolled here:

Yes, you should get better performance if not engaging the switching because you'd not be limiting the power available to drive those speakers.

No, there's be no need to rerun YPAO or recalibrate your setup.
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