speaker imp when bi-wiring


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hi to you all.
i,m currently using my yamaha av amp along with my stereo amp.the former driving the stereo amp and fronts.now the stereo amp has a and b inputs so i was thinking of using these to bi-wire the fronts,but the instructions tell me when you do this the imp must be set at 4 (i,m using b and w 601s)but if i do this the yamaha will be set at 8,as both are currently,now will it be safe to have the stereo amp at 4 and the yamaha at 8 or should i lower the yamaha also.for the center i,m using a cc6 b and w which i presume would be 8 imp.
any help would be great.
cheers ian


Speaker impedance is the same when biwiring as when single wiring.

Bi Amping may be a diferent matter.


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thanks mate,but this doesnt really help.the stereo amp says if you use both a and b at the same time you must change the imp to 4,but if i do this the yamaha will still be at 8 for the center and rears.so shall i also change this one to 4?will this be enough to power the 601s?and the center and rears?
thanks again


leave it all at 8 is what he's trying to say.
The manual is stating for a and b driving seperate pairs of speakers, when you are running one pair of speakers it can remain at 8 as it is not changing the impedance at all!

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I'm wondering why are you trying to biwire your speakers anyway?
The "improvement" in sound quality (if any) is hardly worth the worry over impedance. It also adds two more wires for "somebody" to complain about.
If you have spare cable hanging around: I'd suggest you try it on music in stereo and see if you can hear <any> difference. I'd be surprised if you can.
If you can't then just remove the extra cables and relax.

I certainly wouldn't be spending large sums on fancy speaker cable just to try out biwing.

Nimby :)


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i have some spare cable so thought i would try it,but i guess your right, i dont think i can be arsed too,seems like to much mucking about.
thanks for all the replys though.

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