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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by thewordsman, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Can anyone suggest some speakers for a freestanding garden office that i'm about to build please? It'll be 4.5mx2.5m outside, so a smallish room. But one long wall will have sliding doors to open it up to the garden, so it would be great if it had a bit of flexibility to project into the garden occaisionally.

    I'm planning to bury some speaker cable during the build, in the corners I guess, so I can have surround speakers. And limited space suggests that a satelite system would be best. It'll be an office for now, but may be handy for a secondary cinema/music room as the kids grow up. That means it's more for background music than dedicated listening. And I have the main hifi/cinema in the house so this is very much a secondary system. Having said that, as it's for business it's tax deductable which saves some cash:smashin:

    It'll be driven by my old Denon D90 mini system (30W+30W, 8ohms 40hz-20khz), and/or my PC which has surround sound.

    Any ideas, thanks guys :thumbsup:

    ps if you followed my MA GR10 purchase in earlier threads, sorry about the lack of report so far. I've barely been at home to listen to them yet and haven't even got the new MA pureflow cable rigged up:suicide:

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