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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by PitBull, Jan 21, 2002.

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    My current hi-fi setup comprises Cyrus 3 amp, Cyrus DAD7 CD player, and Mission 753 (1995 vintage) main speakers.

    From my old DPL (Yamaha E580) days I still have a Mission 73C centre speaker and Canon V100 surround speakers.

    I now wish to add DD/DTS to the above for DVDs etc, and so will shortly be adding a Denon AVR3802 AV amp. I will also be using a QED system switch to switch the main speakers between the Denon amp for AV and my existing Cyrus amp for hi-fi.

    I suspect a REL sub of some sort will be in order - possibly the Q400.

    My big concern is the centres (front & rear) and the surrounds...

    My old 73C centre was never really much good, but the Mission 75C centre that matched the 753 mains is no longer available. Could somebody please recommend some current alternatives...

    I have heard a friend's system comprising 773 mains, 77C1 centre and 77DS surrounds, and I suspect the 77DS should be okay for me (although I am not convinced about the 77C1). Again if somebody could suggest some alternatives to the 77DS...



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