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sorry if this sounds like a familiar request new system ordered ,panny TH50PV500 wall ,denon AVR3806 , denon DVD 3910 , £1200 to spend on speakers what way do i go
5.1 6.1 7.1 i have been pointed towards DLS T3-cinema does anybody know anything about these

any help would be very much appreciated :lease:
no idea who or what that is....hehe

however, i can if you using Denon recommend Monitor Audio speakers, they go quite well......

for the moment you could get a pair of the new silver RS6 (£600) for your stereo fronts, an RS LCR (£250) for the centre and a pair of RSFX's (£400) for the rear surrounds (di/bipolar switchable if they the same as the SFX's i got)

thats your budget spent, gives you 5.0 surround and as i say, it should fit well with the denon equipment.....the RS6's have very deep bass for their size and will keep you happy untill you can afford to get a decent subwoofer to match it up......you can also at a later date add another pair of SFX's for a 7.1 setup, and a pair of RS1's to put in diagonal corner for multichannel music if u ever buy any (DVD-A or SACD discs)......if you buy the 5.0 setup at once with a bit of luck you might get some cable chucked in to hook it all up with....

however as i always say, when you demo it, have the dealer setup some other speakers for you to try as well, your tastes might suit a different type of sound to mine, i'm just telling you what i have and that it works very nicely together....but it will mean waiting till you can afford more to get the full blown setup......
if you'd rather not wait, then mebbe go for the Bronze series speakers from Monitor Audio and buy REL Q series sub (Bronze 4's, Bronze centre, Bronze FX surrounds and a REL Q150 will be in your budget and be a pretty good deal)......

or dont go for Monitor Audio at all, B&W are pretty good, KEF, to name a couple, and you have options for either full blown hifi speakers or sub/sat setup.....

edit: just so you know, i have a 3803 amp, 3910 dvd player, 7205 projector, Monitor Audio Silver S6 fronts, SLCR centre, SFX surround sides, Silver S2 rears (eventually get another pair of SFX surrounds to replace them and put S2's in corners for multichannel as i suggested) and REL Strata 5 sub...and i love it :)
Denon is quite neutral so will match with most speakers, but you should demo so you can see/hear yourself what you like. The truble with music and sound is that it is somewhat subjective so there are no hard and fast rules, a few pointer can be given but i don't think many people could tell you what would be best for you!

If you go to a dealer like sevenoaks (if you lucky enough to live by a good one) you will be able to demo buy a set probably get a few quid off and also get some speaker cable thrown in with the lot.

On the speaker cable side i think most people would be hard pressed to find the difference between a decent (£5-7/m) cable and some rediculosely over priced thing, and anyway this is not the time for making purchases like that, its more for fine tuning. I personaly have some B&W speakers connected up to a yamaha 2500 using Chord carnival for all the fronts (its a big think cable and i think it does improve the sound).
For the rears i have some cheaper QED silver micro, its alot thiner and about half the price per meter but for rears I doubt there is much point spending more as bass should only come out of your main (left and right) or a sub (anything else is probably nod worthy and ignore). Both brought a massive difference from bell cable (the free stuff) especialy the rears that came alive, probably due to the crappy cable sucking up all the power with a long run.

Big main speakers will do you for bass to start with but your gonna need to spend atleast £300-400 to get a decent sub, otherwise its like buying cheap/cheerful anything it really isn't value for money in the long run if you have to replace it.

Let your ears and eyes be the judge and don't let sales people tell you things, some know their stuff others know how to sell stuff and telling the differnce is hard, until your knowledge has eclipsed theirs (mu ha ha ha, choke)

Another option is the power buys section there you will find canton (speakers) and a velodyne (subs) all very well regrded. Unfortunity not many places stock them so the only option would be to ask for a demo or even a home demo. They are alot cheaper than the competition from most retailers and do offer good (true) value for money (especialy the subs).
The Warfedale EVO-30 as front, EVO-8 as rear, EVO-center and Cube 12DX is a set of 2000€. You have the B&W 600 serie - DM603-S3 as front, 601S3 as rear, LCR600 S3 as center. KEF has the Q-series - Q5 as front, Q1 as rear,
Q9c as center and PSW as subwoofer.
For that sort of money you could get the quad 11L cinema too, well regarded for music anbd film.
Thanks for all your help, in the end i went for the monitor audio silver rs series rs8 x2, rs fx rears, rs lcr center , rs w12 sub 10 days to delivery looking forward to see have i made the right choice
The denon should sound fine with the monitor audio, both with music and film only thing that may concern me is the sub, never heard anything about monitor audio's, good or bad.
well i hope you do enjoy it, i like my MA Silvers, altho they are from the prev generation to yours, but i doubt they changed the style of the sound too much....

as for the sub, well i have heard an MA sub, not that model tho, and it wasnt bad, i think for the price range i was in i'm happier to have bought my REL, but then i think the one you have got is the new one, vaguely remember reading that its a marked improvement...

anyway, now you've ordered it, count the days till it arrives, set it up (take time, one thing i found with my Silver S6's was that they made quite a difference in sound toeing at different angles....also experiment with port bungs if supplied) sit back, relax, and enjoy :)
(oh, cuz they use alloy drivers, it really is worth playing them reasonably loud for as long as possible nonstop for a few days before they are run in....i found my treble a tad harsh to begin with, but it settled down after around a week of 5 hours a day use.....now within a few minutes of playing from a cold room they sound stunning)
5 hours a day at high volume for a week my neighbours will report me to the council and they will turn up and confiscate all my kit, :eek: back to square one :) I will take your advice and let you know how it sounds . One of my mates does pro installs for a well known company in rickmansworth and he is going to set it up for cant wait :thumbsup:

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