Speaker/Hdmi cable for running behind drywall

I read in an article that it is not legal to run standard cabling speaker/Hdmi speaker cable behind a wall. Do you need special cable to run behind drywall, I.e in loft exposed to cold/moisture.

Any recommendations for speaker wire and high speed 7m hdmi cable for this purpose?


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It wouldn't meet building regs if installed by a builder, but you are not obliged to follow the same sort of regulations as a builder would be obligated to adhere to. The issue is in relation to the insulation material used to insulate the cables being able to catch fire and carry that fire along its length. I'd not bother trying to adhere to such regulations unless you intend to pass cables through a firewall? The issue with damp is the same as any other cable carrying a current and electricity doesn't mix well with water. There are exterior grade cables, but you'd not need to use them in a loft. If your loft is damp then you need a roofer to repair your roof :) Loft spaces are usually the warmest and driest places in a home ;)
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