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I have a pair of B&W DM603s and have been playing about during lockdown, (probably also had to much time to think!).

I've been trying, (for the first time ever!), to set the system up properly and have started, (amongst other things), by bunging the front ports on all the speakers, (Sub is a sealed unit). This seems to have improved the overall sound for movies as speech now seems clearer than it was although it's still not as clear as I think it should be.

I've set the crossover in the amp to 90Hz and various controls on the sub have been tweaked. Bass is now audibly better than it ever has been.

However it then struck me that the bottom "driver" in the 603 is not a driver at all, it's passive. So there must be a lag and therefore a timing issue which could be something to do with what I hear, i.e. various mid range frequencies seem to go "missing" at various times. I should caveat this by saying the room is not a dedicated listening room and nor will it ever be as the Mrs. likes it as a living room! :( :(

So I'm thinking my options are:-
A/ Remove the passive driver and replace it with a piece of MDF cut and routed to shape and clamped into position using the original fittings.
B/ Remove the passive driver and replace with a real driver connected into the back of the existing. However I'm unsure as to the change in impedance, (I think it may half?), and have absolutely no way of knowing how it will sound unless I do it. I may also need to introduce a cross over and would have no clue where to start with this.
C/ Sell the 603's on.

There are probably more options that I haven't yet thought of!

At the moment I'm thinking option A as it will cost nothing but time, (and at present I have plenty of that!), but I am really interested in option B which would cost about £130ish.

One think I have discovered is that chasing better sound is quite addictive!

OK I await the input from the masses to say that I have gone delirious with cabin fever! Although I am genuinely interested to have some input...........

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