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Hi im Looking for some advise before i give up. I am looking into going down av reciver setup again after trying 2 soundbars a Sony ZF9 which I couldn’t sort sync issues out and poor audio I returned it and bought a Samsung MS750 which for a stand alone bar i was very impressed and happy with but yesterday at a week old it has packed up so is boxed up to go back.

All of this has pushed me back towards maybe a 3.1 or 2.1 with the possibility to expand i the future but im back to the main reason i opted for the sound bar route which is speaker positioning in a very non optimal room (at least j have recently moved the tv out on the corner to a wall even tho still not central to the room).

In your opinion would i be better of wall mounting the speakers either side and just under the tv a 40” or would i be better of basically having L&R wall mounted in the corner of the room which wouldn’t be equally spaced from the tv due to tv being offset because of the log burner flue

Thanks in advance and i will add some rough pics of the room as it is a big open room basically split into 2 by means of the corner sofa. The other half is the kids play room

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I have just messured up again and from the seating position directly infront of the tv the angle to the cornyof the rooms will be roughly 25 to the left and 30. The tv is of center to the left by about 7 inches as i didt fancy going much closer to the burner flue. This just seems like it would be way to wide of a soundstage for a 40 inch tv especially if i only went down the stereo route or do you think this would work



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The size of the TV's screen isn't what would deermine the optimum distance apart the speakers should be. The speaker's manufacturer will have suggested the maximum distance that they rate the speakers to still be viable at and you'd try not to exceed this. The factor you'd use to determine the optimimum distance they should be placed apart from one another while taking the manufacturers recommedations into consideration is how far away from them that you'll be sat? The front 2 speakers work in the same way as you'd expect a pair of conventional stereo speakers to behave so their positioning should be determined in the same way as you'd determine where to locate a pair of stereo speaker relative to the primary listening position. In regards to this, you may find this of interest:
Speaker Placement for Stereo Music Listening


What then becomes your problem is that the optimum location for the speakers ordinarilly then determines where the screen should be located, but you may not be able to then locate the TV mid way between the 2 speakers and directly in front of your primary listening position?
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