Speaker Dilemma



Hello folks. Im new here and I hope you can help me make up my mind.

This is my amplifier: http://www.sony.co.uk/ShowProduct.do?site=odw_en_GB&category=HFC+Amplifier&product=TA-FE370

I need some new speakers. I can either:

1. Buy a pair of bookshelf speakers and a plate amp for the sub (which I already have)
Speaker: http://www.hiwayhifi.com/site/product.asp?section=1&cat=42&sub=92&prod=21861
Plate Amp: http://custom1.farnell.com/cpc/product.asp?catalog_name=CPC+Catalogue&product_id=LS0156266


2. Buy a pair of floorstanding speakers
Speaker: http://www.dealtime.co.uk/xPF-Tannoy_Fusion_3

Which would you do and why?



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I like the Tannoy range. But at the end of the day, it is what suits both your room and your ears! Any chance you could demo either kit before purchase?
I currently have floorstanders but Im being swayed towards much smaller speakers (by the missus!)


My locals dont do "budget kit". They only do the higher end Tannoys but thats fine. Im just not sure if I should go for the floorstanders without sub or the bookshelfs with sub.

Will the amp plate work with my amp and the Tannoy bookshelf speakers?

Also, what makes a good room accoustically? The room where my system is in has no wallpaper and has wooden floors.


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Personally I dont have a sub and never have. My neighbours would hate me even more than they do now. I know alot of guys on here would disagree with me, but I find having a decent pair of floorstanders will kick out enough bass......
Not sure about the amp plate mate....maybe some emailing in order for you?

I'm not an acoustics expert, but as long as you have a few soft furnishings in the room the sound wont be too 'harsh'. If you go to the 'get your plasmas out for the lads' thread you will see that the painted walls and wooden floor look is very popular amongst some forum members. If it sounded crap they wouldnt do it.

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