Speaker dilemma - newbie help!?!!


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Just got a new Sony DG910 today for my b'day and as a complete newbie to this malarkey was wondering what speaker setup i should get.

Thanks to slim pickings in the rich list I can only afford to build this up piece by piece, so for this month was planning on a stereo speaker setup with expansion to 5.1 coming in the next few months.

What should i go for? Should i buy floorstanders (looking at Mission M33i) or shall i go for bookshelf and look to extend to 4.0 (!?) with floorstanders next month?


PS. what difference do banana plugs make to a speaker setup?

Many thanks in advanced!:confused:


im glad i bought my acoustic energy aegis evo 3 floorstandingspeakers half price from acoustic energy, cant go wrong with them, make sure whatever you get is the same all round apart from the sub, i bet the evos arent half price for long though, but i cant imagine them going back to full price if you shop around.
another dcent speaker to go for i you want bookshelves, which might be adequate enough ifyou get a decent sub.
if your willing to take the time to save up for your setup and not have it all at once its better to not skimp or youll feel like upgrading by the time you get to the end, it would be cheaper to get four bookshelves, youll notice the difference though, unless you spend the money you saved on getting a better subwoofer, and unless you all mount the money you save might have to be spent on stands. but i still reckon the evos are your best bet as they are smae price but really, twice as good as the missions i reckon
what size room do you have? what sort of budget are you looking at spending on the speakers?

for floorstanders a great start would be something like the Kef IQ5 or something like the Monitor Audio BR5's

or bookshelfs take a look at the new B&W 685's :thumbsup: or the monitor audio BR1's or BR2's.

All the above are excellent speakers and would be perfect for the front end and can be easily added to for a 5.1 system.

As for banana plugs, they just create a better connect between the cable and the speaker and I'd highly recommend using them.

P.S don't rush into buying everything every month if you have a budget of £150 this month and the same next month, I'd combine the money and spend£300 on some decent fronts then get a matching centre and bookshelf rears and if needed a good sub/ ;)


sos about the spelling my keyboards a bit knacked, banana plugs make things a bit tidier, easier to connect, less chance of wires touching. dont have to trim the wires every few months as air isnt getting to them, its easy enough to strip wires tho, get them the right le gth so they dont protrude and risk touching each other of the back of the receiver,its quite dear to get wires with banana plugs attached in most shops and ive found the cheaper ones too flimsy and prefer bare wire.


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Hi guys, thanks a lot for your advice!!!

I am setting aside a budget of around £200 for my fronts, £150 for rears, £100 centre and about £150ish for a sub eventually. I have decided after much deliberation that i will probably be getting some floorstanding speakers for the front two just so i can go longer w/o a sub.

My room is quite large where I am keeping them, but have to be wary of too much bass thanks to a ridiculously thin wall/ceiling between myself and my neighbours in my block of flats!

I appreciate the help and am going to carry on looking, also whilst pondering saving up for something a bit more swish!


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