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Speaker dilemma If you were to choose one of these three setups which would it be

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Mathew J, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Mathew J

    Mathew J

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    Hello all,

    Well I am finally making a venture into home theater audio and could use a little assistance as really the choices are overwhelming....

    Currently I have a Haman Kardon AVR 235 7.1 Reciever and am in the market for speakers and a subwoofer...

    I have a connection that can get me a good deal on speakers from best buy and would like to take advantage of this if possible. The three options I have been considering are as follows:


    Athena Technologies Audition Series AS-B1 speakers x2 for mains
    Athena Technologies Audition Series Dual Center channel AS-C1


    Klipsch Synergy III Bookshelf speaker Model B2 (Pair-Fronts)
    Klipsch Synergy III Center Channel Speaker C1


    JBL Northridge 2 way speakers model E20 (Pair fronts)
    JBL Northridge Center model EC25

    I plan on using these in conjunction with:

    Existing Boston Acoustic A40 speakers for rear surrounds
    Existing Advent "Mini Advent" bookshelves for rear 7.1

    I also need a subwoofer and was considering either:

    Athena Technologies Audition Series 400w Sub AS-P400
    Klipsch Synergy Series 225w Subwoofer KSW-10
    JBL Northridge 250W Subwoofer E150P
    Velodyne VRP 1000 (on sale for $250 at CC)

    Any or all suggestions substitutions would be more than appreciated....Also any subs for under $300 would be appreciated.

    This will all work with my Sony 34" Widescreen HDTV.

    The HD Cable Box is connected via digital Coaxial as well as the DVD player...the Xbox and my 5 cd changer are connected with an optical connection.

    I am also considering the Infinity Primus line P150 bookshelves and the matching center instead of the above....I originally wanted a canton movie system but decided to move into something larger....

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wannabe-THX

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    Apr 7, 2004
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    You need to pick the ones that YOU like the sound of. It doesnt matter a toss what others think, as you are the main listener.


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