Speaker cross over frequencies?


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I'm currently running a set of Monitor Audio Bronze speakers on an onkyo 606.
I have them set as the following:
BR6:120hz (towers)
BRLCR: 80hz (centre)
BR2's:60hz (surrounds)
BRW10:90hz (sub)

My sub also has a dial on the back to adjust it's volume and cross over, which one should I adjust? Are those settings right or not, I really don't get these settings.

I'm told anything below the number is sent to the sub, wouldn't it be better to send the bass to the corresponding speaker, rather than having the sub do it all? I figured the sub was meant to compliment the speakers, not do 100% of the bass, why else have speakers with so many bass cones in them!

Also I ran the onkyo 606 automated setup and it gave me the following results.
Towers: Full Band
Center: 80hz
Rears: Full Band
Sub 120hz lfe

It also changed all the db settings to -10 and such, meaning I need to turn the volume dial up to 50 to hear it audibly. Can I freely change the db levels to +5 +10, etc so it'l work at a lower volume number?

the speakers levels are as follows:
BR6: 33hz-33khz
BR2: 42hz-33khz
BRLCR: 60hz-33khz

But this doesn't mean much to me. :lease:


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I'd suggest you read the first post in this thread by dante01. It's very informative; http://www.avforums.com/forums/av-a...aker-settings-relation-bass-management-7.html

With regard to your speakers I'd try as follows;

1) Run auto setup to calculate speaker distances and levels. Don't alter these.

2) Set speakers sizes to small.

3) Set Sub to LFE+Main if its available.

4) Fronts 60, Surrounds 60, Centre 80, Sub 80.

5) On the sub turn the Frequency all the way to the right.

See how that sounds. You have some scope to alter the frequencies (Fronts 40-120, Centre 60-120, Surrounds 50-120) should you wish and there is no "correct" setting as different people like different sounds.

I think what I've listed is correct. Hopefully someone else can chip in if I've got anything wrong as I'm still learning myself. :)

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Let's consider what the crossover is doing.

That crossover represents the transition from the Subwoofer over to the front speakers, assuming the amp is set to "Small".

Ideally, you want that transition set identically in both the front and Sub speakers, so that you get a smooth transition of sound between them. An overlaps will cause a peak in the overlapping area. A gap will cause a dip in the frequency response in the area of the gap.

This is also somewhat true of the center speaker. Though there might be some flexibility here.

And, there is room for flexibility and personal preference in general.

From what I've heard, the THX standard is for all speakers to be set to 80hz, and this is usually a good place for anyone to start, assuming it is within the range of all the available speakers.

In some small satellite speakers systems, the Sub-to-front crossover needs to be higher because of the low end limitations of the front speakers.

As to the setting on the Sub, I'm under the impression, that those all get set to or near their maximum values, and we then control the crossover and sound level within the AV amp.

So, assuming it is within the range of your speakers, set all the crossovers to 80hz, adjust the levels so they are balanced in your room, and tweak as you desire from there.

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