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Apologies for diving straight into this but I’ve got a very basic audio setup in my home using a Samsung DVD player and 5.1 speakers.
The problem I’ve got is that it looks like the DVD player controlling the audio to the speakers has decided to stop working and I’m looking for a replacement for it but I can’t find anything that has the same connectors to the speakers.
The speaker out connectors look like the below (ignore the dust :) ):


Any ideas as to what they are called or just what to look out for?
Almost all the ones I can find have the pin outputs or the bare wire.



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Not 100% sure, but it looks like regular speaker wire, but just with proprietary connections for that specific player. I'm sure you could cut those off, expose the wire and connect to any receiver, or fit banana plugs. Just check the polarity of the wires matches the speakers to the receiver.
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You can trim off those connectors and then just use bare wire to the binding posts of any new receiver that you purchase. A word of warning with the speakers. If they are below 4 ohms then it could cause damage to the new receiver. You would also need a powered subwoofer as the current one is passive and will not work with modern receivers.


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Thanks for the advice, both.
I’ve had another look around the back and I can see this:


I’m guessing that I might be better off just binning this all off and starting again.
They’re probably a good 8 years old or so anyway so I reckon I could be due an upgrade :)
Thanks again for your advice.


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That'll be a passive subwoofer as well (power amp inside main unit drives it) and the original speakers will require it as they're usually small and can't provide much (if any) bass


Time to look to replace the whole lot. Speakers are next to useless with a modern receiver.

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