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Speaker connections for TV

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Dave911, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Dave911

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    Jan 30, 2004
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    North Yorkshire
    I am about to purchase the Hitachi 42pd7200 plasma 42" and need some advice re speaker connections.
    Although I wanted the Pioneer 42XDE her indoors just hates the look of it (sorry guys but she has to look at it as well - but she has no taste :eek: ) She can just about cope with the Hitachi , but the speakers on the side do make it much larger.
    As we do not have a large living room, my thoughts were to ditch the supplied front speakers and to wire them up to my front KEF's which I used with my amp. Would this effect the efficiency of the speakers when I am using the amp or would it totaly cluster F*!@ the entire surround field.
    I have the Kef 2005.1 series which with the sub sound great, however the individual speakers on there own are a bit weak.
    I know it is a bit of a weak question but you have to appease them somehow - Hey I am having to build a new cabinet to store all the AV gear in as she doesn't want it under the TV anymore. The things we guys have to go through to get a bit of pleasure :rolleyes:

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