Speaker Connections and Interconnects. Need help.



I just received my Pioneer VSX-D812S yesterday and I had prepared the speaker cables with banana plugs to go into the back of it BUT the 812 does not seem to receive them. The manual says nothing about banana plugs, I checked a reveiw that I had for the 912 and it says they do receive banana plugs for speaker cables The 912 and the 812 are supposed to be the same construction). Am I supposed to pop out this bit of plastic in the centre of the speaker cable connector on the back of the receiver? Any help here would be appreciated.

I am also very confused about how to connect the receiver TV and DVD to get the best out of it all.

I want the sound to obviously come via the receiver, I was advised that it was best to connect the DVD direct to the TV which makes sense to me for picture quality but can not work out how to get the sound to the receiver then.

The TV that I have is a Panasonic TX-32PS10F which has 3 scart cable entries, the DVD player is cheapy but has all the outputs optical, video, coaxial, component and 5.1 channel. At the moment I have used the 5.1 outputs with sound leads going to the receiver and the video lead going to video input on the front of the TV (crude but it works).

I was thinking to get an optical cable from the DVD to the receiver, use the monitor out on the reciever to the TV and then have my gamecube and VCR going into the reeiver as well. Any advice on this approach would be good. I am going to do some playing around as well.



Ian J

It is illegal within the EEC to sell a Receiver that accepts banana plugs so the manufacturers put little plastic caps on the end of the connectors that we have to pop off again.

If you connect your DVD Player to the TV using a scart cable to the RGB enabled scart socket that takes care of the picture. Connect it also to the Receiver by using either a digital co-axial or optical cable and that will take care of the sound.

I would wire up everything else by scart to the TV and not pass the video signals through the amplifier at all as it only degrades the signal.

On the audio side, either connect each item directly to the receiver via a pair of phono cables or else one pair of phono cables from the audio outputs on the TV back to the receiver. Although the latter sounds easier I don't like the sound that is produced via the audio outlets of my JVC television so I don't do it that way.


Thanks Ian, it all worked a treat.

I just need to tidy up all of the cables now, then I can think about buying the subwoofer and the new DVD player.



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