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You're probably best off with some spade connectors for those, unless you're happy to solder the wire on directly. Make sure the spades have a good, solid fit though.


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I think what you probably need are FEMALE Spade Terminal. These are available from any electrical supply store, hardware store, or home improvement store.

Maplin N22AN Miniature Female Spade Connector 10 Pack

Blue Female Spade Terminal - 6.3mm - Pack 100

You crimp or solder these to your speaker wires them push them down on the spade terminals found on the speakers.

There are two things to consider in sizing the FEMALE Spades.

1.)is the size of the wire. The terminals are usually color coded so each color fits a different size or range of sizes of wire. The package the Female Terminals come in should give you a range of wire size. Solder is best, but you can buy a crimping tool for about £8.

2.) is the width of the Spade. These can range from very small to very big. You must find the size that is compatible with the SPADES on your speakers.


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