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Hi all, after a bit of advice from those with a bit more experience of things.
My setup is admittedly old hat now but it was inherited from my old man so has a fair sentimental value to me.
Currently I have;
Tannoy Mercury MXC (center)
Tannoy Mercury MXR (rear)
Yamaha YST-SW320 (sub)
Yamaha DSP-AX757SE ( was DSP-A5 but needs a new capacitor (amp))
And the issue, I had a set of mordaunt short MS-25i (front)
Sadly I was a bit daft one day a few years ago and killed one of the bass drivers with too many Watts of Eric Clapton....
As it goes I moved to a place where I simply didn't have room for a surround system so my rears became my fronts and all was well.
Now though, I've moved again and very much want the full system back.
So I've been looking, now money is tight at least in the short term, what with sofas, tvs and God know what else.
So I'm looking £150 a real push £200.
Looking at things, I can replace the ms25i's very comfortably in that budget, or complete the tannoy set with some Mercury MX3's

How do these tally up against each other?
Are there other options I should be looking at?
Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated,


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You are most likely going to be needing new receiver with latest connections/features i assume if you buying 4K tv. That DSP-AX757SE belongs to museum. 😄

If you going to stick with the rest of MX serie then get the MX3! There is few available, some guys are asking crazy prices from such old speakers typical ebay madness. 50£ is probably closer..


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