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Hi All,

Have been reading through the forums for some time now and have a few questions to ask if I may.
I am planning on purchasing the following but would like some advice on speaker placement and type:

- Monitor Audio Silver 1 (fronts)
- Monitor Audio Silver Centre
- Monitor Audio Silver FX / Radius 90 / Radius 225 (rear)
- SVS SB-1000 Sub

These will be connected to a Denon AVR-X2200W and will be used for 70% movies / 30% music.
(I originally bought the receiver as part of a package but the speakers were returned as the sub was faulty)

- Will the speaker size be a good match for the room size?

- Would it be best to use monopole or dipole / bipole for the rear surrounds, given the relative proximity to the corner of the wall?

Diagram of the living room attached, please excuse my lack of CAD skills.
Many thanks in advance!
diagram1.jpg diagram2.jpg


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The speakers look OK but not sure how they will fair being so close to the corners. The old silver range certainly needed space around them so would not have sounded there best in the location you have. They also look a little wide given ho close you are sitting to the TV. I would stick with the FX rears since there is not much space to the rear of the seating, you could also move them from the side wall to the rear wall. I would also not put the centre in the unit like you have drawn it as it will affect the sound from it being enclosed like that.


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Hi PSM1,

Many thanks for the quick reply, I completely agree, currently the sofa is too big to fit along the short side of the wall which is why I am forced into this configuration.
Long term I plan to replace the seating so I can have the setup along the shorter side of the wall and the speakers away from the corners.

I am open to any other suggestions you have about any alternatives to the MA speakers, they are on my list as I have demoed them before.


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I have always preferred Focal speakers and I think it would be the 900 series that would be comparable.

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