speaker calibration again


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i have read various posts on this site about this subject and want to check i have done this correctly

1) set my spl to c weighting /slow response /turned dial to 70db
2)set my amp volume to 0db (reference level???)
3)played the 5.1 limited pink noise reference chapter from my dve dvd
4)adjusted the individual speaker levels until they read +5db (75db)

the sub woofer is the bit im having problems with i think

at the end of the speaker test when it plays the sub bit , i adjusted the volume (bass level) on the sub until the spl also read 75 db , i had it on 0 and then slowly brought it up until it registered on the spl (about a quarter turn) is this correct as it sound a bit flat or is it personal preference thing and should be higher

many thanks all


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I always find when I use my auto setup it sets the sub about 4-5 db higher,than if I use my DVE disk.
I think it sounds O.K. running it a bit high at lower volumes,but at near reference levels I like to set it properly.
P.S. Yes you've done everything correctly,or at least that's how I do it.:D


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another question is why does the dve tones and the receiver tones seem different , the disc says to go with it as this from the listening source (dvd player

thanks for the advice

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On many receivers the tones bypass all of the processing stages which makes them pretty much useless for proper calibration. You should always use an external source that goes through the whole processing stage in the receiver to accurately set levels and speaker delay.

I have found problems on most of the receivers I have calibrated so don't think it is a reflection on the receivers overall quality.


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