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Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by smithydan, Mar 7, 2006.

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    i will probly be getting these logitech x-230's 4 my 360

    i also came across this gaming adaptor http://www.logitech.com/lang/images/0/5871.jpg

    so that means i can use this with my speakers and with my CRT TV that has crappy speakers.Now the gaming adaptor cable shows the red and white cables. in the the back of my i had a component cable than came with my 360 premium http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/images/Products/XT0043_box.jpg

    , now in the back of my TV i have a advanced av cable http://shop.game.net/ViewProduct.aspx?cat=11273&mid=327031(there is no red,white or yellow inputs)

    but also in the the back of my tv there are red, yellow and white inputs. does that mean i can use my advanced av cable and the gaming adaptorhttp://www.logitech.com/lang/images/0/5871.jpg

    and plug the red and white cables in the back of my 360, and i will have sound coming from my new speakershttp://www.logitech.com/lang/images/0/4214.jpg

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