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Which speaker cable best suits b and w mt60 d package

What should I buy to go with the m1s. And most decent sub cable to match it all help needed


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Any 2.5mm Oxygen free copper cable will be fine to be honest and no need to spend a fortune. The Van Damme blue above is about as much as you need to spend. If buying a package from a dealer try to see if they will throw some cable in for free (that is what I did).


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I was advised that chord rumour was best to suit mt60d package but it's 15 quid a metre? By nintronics ?

I need 30 metres altogether you think above will do what about. Terminates?


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Going for the rumour would make that 450 quid... contrast to the Van Damme at 75 quid. Take the 375 quid you save and put that into your speakers - maybe going to the MA APEX? You'll get more out of APEX satellites but the sub with the MT60D is better.

p.s. should point out that I have heard both when I was auditioning style speaker packages - so speaking from experience.
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I'm using Van Damme Studio Blue, but they also do one without the blue sheath aimed at the hifi market. Not sure on the price. You can pick up rolls of 2.5mm OFC speaker wire pretty reasonably off ebay - I'm not convinced about the benefits of expensive stuff.
For interconnects I make my own from Van Damme studio interconnect cable, but you can get made up cables on ebay for about £20.
Van Damme and Canare stuff is aimed at recording studios rather than home use, so it's you're getting good quality cables without paying through the nose.

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