Speaker cable vs Phono cable


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I have a question.
Which is best..... Long phono cable to the pwr amp and short speaker cable, or short phono and long speaker cable.

It would be 1m short vs 6m long either way.
Your knowledge please.


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Long speaker cable IMO.


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Long interconnects between pre-amp and power-amp are best if you are using balanced connections, if not then keep 'em short.


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Swings and roundabouts to a degree......over reasonably short lengths(i.e. the sort of runs you have in mind),there may be relatively little to choose between the 2 methods,although you should bear in mind the possibility of interference being picked up by long runs of low level interconnects.
I use a fairly long run of decent quality interconnect(Kimber) to my power amps,and then short(1m runs) of Kimber 8TC to the speakers,and have had no problems.
I would certainly agree that over very long runs,using a balanced connection for low level signals is theoretically best.

Be sure whichever way round you do it,to use a decent quality set of cables,in proportion to the cost of your system as a whole.


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Thanks for your help guys.
I think I can set it up now with the longer speaker cables and use a meridian dsp5000center on digital cable.

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