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about to renovate, installing cat 5e throughout and will be using a onkyo sr606 av receiver, not decided on speakers yet.

Can someone advise me on the best type of speaker wire to install as i need to put this in now under floors and into walls ect.

Also any recomendations on speakers?


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Any speaker wire of reasonable size (1.50mm² or 2.5mm²) will do the job, but there is speaker wire that is specifically made for use in walls and ceiling. The only noticeable difference between that an ordinary wire is the wall wire is double insulated. Each wire is insulated individually, and the another layer of insulation covers both those wires.

It also depends on how close to the Electrical Code you want to get. For a do-it-yourselfer in a home you own, as long as the wire is large enough and has decent insulation, there is probably no problem. But, they do make wire specifically of in-wall/in-ceiling use.

Also, CAT5 cable is DATA cable not analog audio cable. It is too thin for analog audio. For audio speaker wire, as mentioned above, you need 16 ga (AWG, 1.3mm²) or larger wire. I have seen CAT5 that had two addition 16ga wires added to the bundle for audio, but standard CAT5 is too thin.

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