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Hi all,
ok, so i've nearly finished my extension and the 1st piece of furniture is my LG 42PQ6000.
Now although her indoors refutes the fact that we need a semi-decent 5.1 setup, i'm looking for a pre-emptive strike here. :D
So, before i lay my floating floor (25mm polystyrene > 18mm chipboard > 4mm ply > Kardnean) i was wondering:

1. Can speaker cable be laid under the polystyrene boards? (on top of DPC protected concreted floor?
2. Thinking about wall mounted speaker plates (flat/flush as possible as cannot be recessed), what type of connectors do i need? and....
3. Is the answer to 2 dependent on what speakers i want? Cos i haven't a scooby doo which speakers to get. Was hoping there would be a universal connector for all/most types of speaker.
4. Does all the above make sense? If so, please enlighten me with your advice/answers.

Oh, obviously i'm not an audiophile, so i don't need the dogs danglies in sound systems, my room shape certainly doesn't lend itself to it, and neither do my ears. However its a 23sqm room and from reading certain things i believe 500w per channels is adequate, no? I'd like as small and discreet a speaker as possible please.

Many thanks

Jacko :hiya:

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