Question Speaker cable lengths LCR, all the same or no difference


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Should I do the Fronts in similar lengths or it really doesn't matter ?
1st number is proposed cable length with actual distance in brackets
I don't really want to do them all at 7m and have cable coiled up
Van Damme Blue 2.5

Details below: actual distance is in brackets
Left 5m (actual distance 4.35)
Centre 6m (5.4)
Right 7m (6.6)




No difference - cut them to length as required.

Err, this might not be accurate as I was asking myself the exact same question and what lengths should the cables be between the front 3 (5.1 setup) speakers. All cables will have some resistance and so depending upon their quality and cost this will be reduced which is what others say on different forums. Make the front 3 speaker cables of equal length to reduce any differences in electrical impedance and therefore potential signal loss/difference.

However so long as you don't run on bell wire and at least on something in the region of £2/m you should be able to cut to length as you stated.

Just for reference i saw pretty much this question here:


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Why just the front three and where does the retail price come into the equation?

Way too many factors at play to start worrying, unnecessarily, about cable lengths.


PS I‘m off to coil up the spare 20m of cable I now have to add to my Front LCR to ensure they match my Surrounds and Rears, then again surely I can’t coil them and what about ’cable lifters’, cryogenics, oxygen free, skin effect... :)


Cut them to the lengths that suits your room. Even over a fairly long run different lengths will not make an iota of difference. Besides that the EQ system on the receiver will more than compensate for any millisecond of difference.

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