Speaker cable interference info?


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Im running all my Cables from my TV through the wall into a Cuboard where dvd and amp will be. Now in the wall will be 2 HDMI,1 AERIAL, 1 Power cable and Component cable.
Now I will also need to run my Speaker cable with the other cables into the cuboard, now will the speaker cables pickup interference running along side the other cables or would I need some screened or twisted speaker cables?



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Speakers are low impedance, high current devices so should not be affected by the other cables. You are more likely to get interference on the other cables from the speaker cable or, more likely, 50Hz pickup from the mains cable.

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If possible I would drill two holes 5 - 10cm apart, one for power and the other for signals.

As has been said, Power hum at 50Hz could be the your biggest problem.



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Well I have already put the channeled into the wall allready, I am planning to use CY cable to make my mains cable, this should reduce mains hum shouldn't it?

Many Thanks

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