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Hi I'm looking for help on speaker cables.
I want a good allround mid level cable.

Used to have some old linn k400 cables, weighed loads ( my mrs was forever moaning they were a pain to dust..lol)

Seen some Chord Company Carnival SilverScreen or QED Revelation, would these compare to the Linn's or better/worse etc..


System is
Arcam Alpha 8 amp
Arcam Alpha 8 power amp
Arcam Alpha 8se cd
Monitor Audio RX6's
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If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket then there are some very deserving charities that you could help instead. ;)

Regarding the cables you are not going to notice any difference so just ask the wife which she prefers. Personally I would keep the Linn cable or if forced get some Van Damme, but that is hard to clean as well. :devil:

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