Speaker Cable for Pioneer A400 to Mision 780SE speakers


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I've a 10 year old good condition A400 amp connected to Mission 780Se's (mid 90's model). Source - NAD C542 cd player with some cheap cable.

Looking to upgrade speaker cable - tried QED bi-wire original and sound was terrible - tinny and shallow etc. Can anyone recommend a good speaker cable (up to £10 per meter) - Looking for a warm sound with soundstage etc. Listen to all kinds of music. Any advice welcome. Cheers:thumbsup:


I can understand why the QED didn't suit your system....personally i wouldn't say small Missions and an A400 are a good match. Try Van Den Hul cables, they tend to be quite smooth sounding.


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Actually the Mission 780SE's are a perfect match for the A400.
They have a very rounded sounded... not at all bright and shrill like more recent mission speakers.

I had an A400 and Mission 780SE's and they were a bloomin awsome combo.
The Hifi press of the time had this combo as their reference system, and for good reason.

As for speaker cable, you really can't go wrong with Gale 315 Strand from Richers. It's £1.99 per metre and sounds far better than QED.
Since discovering it a few years ago, I wired my entire AV system with it.
It has a full bodied, powerful, detailed sound. The balance is just right.

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