Speaker cable connections on a 100x5R


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May 2, 2001
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I was in my local hi-fi shop a few days ago, trying to work out prices for a total recabling of my system. The guy I was speaking to asked what terminations I needed, so I told him "spades at the amp, bananas at the speakers." He asked me what amp I had, so I said a TAG 100x5R. He looked at me rather puzzled and asked why I was after spades, when bananas would do fine. I said that my amp could only take spades, as it had solid centre pins and as far as I could recall, TAG had always recommended spades for it. He took me upstairs to his demo room, and there was a 100x5R with drilled pins, suitable for a banana connection. I was very surprised, and said that I was sure that my amp wasn't like that (it had been in storage for 11 months, so I wasn't sure).

I got home and looked at my amp, and there are white plastic "plugs" in the back of the binding posts, and I can't work out any way of getting them out - they seem to be fixed in place. Has the design of the binding posts changed at some point, so that the new ones can have bananas, or am I just being an eejit?

Any help appreciated.
Most amps have these plugs in and they are generally a bit difficult to remove. You need a sharp fine pointed tool to dig them out, but be carefull not to damage the binding posts. Anyway spades are best due the larger surface area in contact with the connection.
Try a small, say no 4 screw, screw it in and then use pliers to pull it out. You have to make sure it goes in dead straight though. Or try one of the sets of little electrical screwdrivers you can get. B&Q do a set of 5 for about £2

A corkscrew works quite well but be careful!

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