Speaker cable cause interference with signal (sub) cable?


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I have my upstairs main bedroom floor up while i re-level the floor flat (long story).

While the floor is up im laying x2 rear surround speaker cables and x2 sub socket cables for the bedroom 5.1 system (floor leveling should be finished and finally back down end of tomorow).

I'm taking great pains to keep the sub signal cable away from all power cables and where crossing them to cross at right angles only.

My question is - should i keep the sub signal cable seperated from the surround speaker cables as well?

I have searched and i found a mention of keeping power/video/speaker cables in seperate conduits, but nothing stating speaker cables could cause interference to signal cable.

Its a pain as the signal cable and speaker cables are going to be near each other in some places due to the only possible routing to reach where the equipment (DVD/Amp/TV) will be.

I understand the basic theory (i work in electronics) but i'm not sure if in practice there is actually a problem with the low voltage speaker cable being in close proximity with the very low voltage sub signal.

Cheers, Brim.


i had same sort of problem with sub cable........ to close to other cables etc.

so i used a shielded ( screened ) cable..... for the sub cable and it worked fine.......

Nic Rhodes

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sub cables are longer and more susceptible to pick up and therefore need tobe well screened and well positioned.


my sub cable does not run in the same trunking as other speaker cables - mind you i keep power cables in another trunking from audio cables as well

can't be too careful:D


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Thanks for the input guys.

I'm trying to keep the cables as far apart as i can.
The sub cable is braided and foil double screened good quality cable, just dont want to take any chances.

Cheers, Brim.

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