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Apr 28, 2002
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I am just waiting for my new Amp to turn up and I am looking for some fairly decent speaker cable and for the first time some banana plugs to connect amp/speakers. I am a bit bemused due to the variety available and don't want to waste money bu equally want to get decent quality stuff.

I have seen some B plugs from maplin for £4.99 for 4 gold plated etc. but the cable is a different thing. Now without going mad and spending a tenner a meter (bearing in mind I need 30 m total!) has anyone used the one described below (can't link to the page on Maplin but product code is 'KS88V') If you could recommend something other than this then that would be appreciated too!

OFC Speaker Cable See Prices Below


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A range of the highest quality cable for use with the finest hi-fi and in-car entertainment systems. Designed and manufactured to exacting standards by Shark using only the best quality oxygen-free copper and PVC. Ideal for the demanding environment found in cars. Multi-stranded and tightly wound for optimum performance. Two sizes are available: 17AWG with outside dimensions of 3.9 x 8.35mm (KS88V) and 12AWG with outside dimensions of 4.5 x 10.5mm (KS89W). Supplied as a 10m length on a reel.
· Oxygen-free copper for maximum sound quality
· Transparent PVC sheath
· Supplied on handy 10m reels

Costs 14.99 for a 10M reel
I am looking for similar low-budget speaker cable, also about 30m. The KS89W looks interesting, especially if it has the price you mentioned. (or was that for the smaller type?)
The cable was 14.99 for 10M so doesn't seem a bad price (if the quality is any good!)
Where did I say 3K amp????? This is a Pio 812 so £300 and Mission spks so again a few hundred????
I'm sure this subject has been covered well on these forums before, but my opinion is that some £1.99/metre Gale 315 strand cable from Richersounds sounds better than any other cable I've tried upto about £10/metre.
But, paying more than £10/metre on speaker cable is ludicrous!.

However, I 'd agree that some other cheap cables are not great,
but this 315 stuff from richers really is pretty damn good.
Hifi Choice agree too.

Oh, I'm using a Denon A1SE and KEF THX Speakers.

Is it better than cabletalk 3.x or the QED Silver Anniversary?

Given the price of the Gale, how does it compare to the QED original cable which can be had for about £2/metre ?
Its much better sounding.
The cable talk sounds bright and 'shut in'.

The 315 strand sounds more full bodied, but most impressively more 3-dimensional. It really opens up the soundfield and gives a sense of scale.

I used to use cable talk 3.1 and considered the 315 strand to be a considerable upgrade despite its cheaper price!
It's also more flexible which makes installation easier.
if i can find some cable which is 2.5mm X 2, and the strand count is 253...is that good..?...its twisted inside a PVC outting, and the cable i dun think is produced by any big name, its just those made-in-china stuffs, of course i am not in United States, i am from Asia, between a twisted cable and those untwisted, any differents.?.and i found the cable have two type of color, one core is copper colour while the other core is silver color...

or just straight get a normal 10/12 gauge cable with over 300 strand count will do just fine.?.

i notice most of you guys here are using single wire, does bi-wiring make any differences.?.and if you are using single wiring on a bi-wirable speaker, you all using it with the supplied brass plate.?.or replace it with something better.?.

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