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i dont have such a large buget but can stretch to being able to afford about 35m of either ixos xhs 706 cable or QED silver anniversary cable. Which one would you go for?

Also i fancy using proper connectors to attach the cable to the amp and the speakers. Are these a standard size? Which ones should i buy(about £5 each is my limit)

how do i fit these connectors to an AX3 amp?

any help most welcome

Ian J

Ex Member
I use Silver Anniversary on my M&K speakers and think that it may be overkill on KEF Eggs, especially if you need 35m.

If you like QED cable I would think that Bronze at £2.50 per metre is more apropriate.

The banana plugs are a standard size and don't add anything to the sound quality but make life easier for those who are continually disconnecting and reconnecting their kit.

can't help on the connection to the amp - sorry


thanks, will have a look for that cable. is there anyother aound the £3/4 worth considering?


qed bronze is good deal and fine with eggs
i saw it at £3.50 p/m so it may be worth asking Ian J where you can get it @ £2.50 p/m
if you can use QED's Airloc banana plugs £5 each and dealer fitted excellent. 4mm banana plugs.
remove plastic caps from end of binding post and this will reveal 4mm holes

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