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Speaker Bass Problem


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When I use my speakers through a dj mixer and amplifier there is a really noticeable vibration sound if the bass is turned up anything past zero. This obviously causes a major problem when trying to listen to music so does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? I thought maybe the tweeter had blown..?



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You say it might be a blown tweeter, but you don't say where the sound is coming from. If it is the tweeter you should be able to put your ear up to it and hear it coming from the tweeter.

You should be able to do the same with the woofers or midbass. It shouldn't be that hard to isolate the source of the sound.

Also -

What speakers?
What amp?
Want Mixer?



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Ive tried isolating the problem but havent been able to determine where the distortion is coming from.

speakers = tdl nucleus KV1 (110w) (very cheap i know!)

Amp = TEAC AG-790 280w

Mixer = Pioneer DJM 400

I thought maybe there was a generic problem that would cause this kind of distortion/vibration...I guess not?


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Does the sound come from only one speaker or from both? Is the sound particularly evident with particular forms of music? Would you say that the sound is like a ' buzz ' ?

If the sound is from one speaker and is particularly bad with, say, female vocals then it may be a tweeter problem. Are your speakers very old and well used?

In my opinion its not a generic problem but more likely to be due to ' wear and tear '



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Explain '...turned up past zero...'?

While I don't have enough information to make a judgment, my first inclination was to wonder if you don't have the mixer too loud and the amp too quiet. This creates distortion and a compression effect making the music sound loud, but bad.

You should really use a lot of volume on the amp, and a little volume on the mixer, to keep the input signal under the limits of the amp.

Again, that was just a thought that occurred to me. We need a more detailed explanation of what you are hearing to make any kind of judgment.

It is a mechanical rattling, like something loose vibrating in or on the cabinet?

Is it a distorted resonant peak? That is, distortion in one particular frequency range? What frequency range would that be?

Does it sound like it is coming from the speakers? That is, is it a rubbing, buzzing, or scrapping coming from one of the speakers.

There are a few simple tests, but really, so far your description is to vague to make a judgment on.


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