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Speaker balance


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After having my speakers on the wall for a few months I came to notice that I always seemed to hear the left speaker more than the right. Not all the time, just under particular circumstances.
After looking at I with some logic, I thought that my left speaker is close to the left wall as I look at them. The right is free to the right side.
I tied this with what I learned about sub re enforcement when placed in a corner and concluded that maybe my left speaker was being boosted because of its placement.
(long story. Sorry)

I just adjusted the balance by +1db to the right and everything is better and not by a small margin. Sound stage seems much more open. Crispier highs and fuller mids.
Is this what the balance control if for? Do other people use it for this purpose?
Or am I just being pleceboed?
Any thoughts?


Is your seating position also marginally towards the left ?


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DodgeTheViper said:
Is your seating position also marginally towards the left ?

I'd have to say no. I do sit opposite the centre of the tv. In the centre of the speakers.

My seating is against the back wall with the side wall to the left.
Pic taken from seating position. To the right is a fire place then same again the other side of it.


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Was the Microphone place precisely Centered on the speakers. If the location of the Mic was off center, then the Amp tries to adjust all the channels so they are balanced to that location. If you sit off center, then place the mic in that prime seating location, and you should get better balance.

Though, Auto-Setup is not fool proof, it makes mistakes, and you are perfectly OK modifying the final settings.



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Have not used mic to calibrate. All settings on default. My receiver is one of those crappy £1800 Arcams which only calibrated full 5.1 set up. :rolleyes:

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