Speaker audition: third experience


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Hello everybody!
Ok, now comes the third edition... Already a Trilogy! The other two can be found in


and references therein :) I hope this can help anyone looking for advice and trusting my ears... But I also hope your comments help me!

So, I went to the hi-end shop and was really pleased... The dealer let me take both pairs home to listen to them over the weekend!
Acoustic Energy is great. 400 euro the pair, two beautiful Acoustic Energy Aegis Two. The best are the voices, so natural, warm and nice. Very easy to listen to them! But I was missing more dynamics, a wider image. The bass is very good, but I'd expect it deeper for a floorstander. At home it was better, because I used the wall (rear port helps). About this speakers, in short: Avanzato, you were right!
Triangle's were bookshelf, actually planned to be rear speakers of a surround system, but the guy in the shop said that since I like music so much, I could already start enjoying it with these as front speakers (they aren't dipoles or whatever), and once I get money enough, I can get the front ones, which are more than twice the price of these. I am talking about the Triangle Sathis, from the Horizon series. Incredible sound stage, depth, very live-like. Pity it didn't perform the voices like the AE's, because I'd buy them inmediately. Although the sound is a little bit "in your face", maybe that is associated to the live-like feeling. The bass was better and a little deeper than the AE.
So what I would like in a speaker are the dynamics and sound stage of the Triangle's, with the warmth and sweetness of the AE's. But can't get both... In the AE's, I was missing spectacle, wider stage. In the Triangle's, I was having a little agressive sound that made me worry.
The guy in the shop said that it could be solved with a more balanced and warm amp, maybe in future. Well, if I buy these speakers I won't sell them easily, so an ulterior upgrade for them could be done in the long term... Finally, he said I'd better try at home and decide quietly. So I took them.
In the shop I was missing bass, but at home I got all I was needing. That's because of the room, too open in the shop. Since the AE's have a rear port, bass in them responded better to the positioning, so I could get a better and deeper bass than with the Triangles. Opposite as in the shop! Nevertheless, it was enough and always good in both cases. All other features were the same, except for one fact: my components are not as good as the ones used in the shop, so I went one step down in sound quality. Actually, I compared them to my Magnat very entry level floorstanders, and it was better, but not so much as I had felt before. Real pity. And that makes me really wonder if it is worth the money. I did a blind test with the help of my girlfriend, and I mixed once my speakers with the triangle's. Ok, I must say it was late, and I was already tired of listening.
I tried with a lot of different material, and some of it was better for the triangles, some better for the AE's. Undecision level: infinite...
It is difficult to compare these with all other I have tested, because I didn't have any reference, but I'd say there weren't lower in quality than the B&W 603. Of course they can't give so much bass, but the details were all there. I think the triangle give a more open, wide and deep stage, and MAYBE more detail. The AE's are definately better in the voice area than any other. Not to forget that we are talking about another price range...
But at this level, it starts to be a matter of taste. Personally, my world is divided between AE and Triangle.
Oh, the dealer is going to get some Gale's (serie 30), but he told me that I can forget about them, because it is more movie oriented... So to say, for people that want big cinema, and in addition to be able to enjoy music at a decent level... In my case, it is the opposite preference...
So my list is now:
1. Triangle
2. Klipsch (rf series) & B&W (which is better, is a matter of taste)
3. AE (although voices are better than in the Triangle)
4. Magnat (Vintage 620)
5. JM Lab (Chorus)
6. Kef
7. Infinity
8. Canton (LE series)
9. Magnat (Vector 77)

Today I have to give the speakers back, and may try to listen to some reference speakers that he has in the shop, if he is not busy. But this is out of the discussion...


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Wow a dealer that let you take two pairs of speakers home, you got them back to him without dropping them I hope. ;) I'm not sure it was good that I seemed to be right about the AE, if you'd really liked them it would have been easier to decide wouldn't it. I've bought blind and by demo and it's not till you get stuff into your room and compare it with what you've got, do you know if it's a good idea to change.

Only, can you stop now whatever you buy? I can see the idea of a new amp has already been planted. I think you need to decide what it is you want from your speakers or you'll be demoing speakers for the rest of your life. Did you have any more speakers on the list that you haven't heard yet?

And if you should find the perfect speaker can you let me know as my new speaker purchase has fallen through and I looking for something again. :D


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Hi! I answered two days ago, and I lost the whole thing while submitting reply...

Ok, first of all... Yes, I did give them back safe and sound :)

About the AE, I really liked them, the only thing I missed was a little wider sound stage, and that is important for me. BTW, I think it is not fair to put them before the B&W and Klipsch... I was simply too impressed with the nice voices they produce... I will edit it and put them right after them :)

Demo at home: the only way to know if you'll like the gear or not. I agree.

I don't know if I will ever stop...
My plan in the short term was to get something balanced, dvd player, amp and speakers... But then I found this nice guy in the shop that shows me I could go the highend way without selling my organs... So I thought I could keep what I have for home cinema, and get some high quality stereo equipment, which is actually what matters more for me (and, I think, also in general).
In the long term, I plan to get something very good for both home cinema and stereo, even if I have to drive my bike to work :) [CAn you imagine what a great sound you can get for the price of a medium size new car? It is a matter of preferences!]
So I thought I could start with the long term plan, but taking it easy... And the new series of Triangle won't be discontinuated by tomorrow, so it could be a good way to go (I got a demo in the shop, read further).

Now the only thing that is an issue is not the money, but my labour situation... My job is such, that in one year I could be working in Australia, and in 3, in the States, Japan or whatever. And maybe once I have a nice CV, I can get something definitive in Spain. So if I could at least be sure that I'd be here for 3 years more, I would go and buy...

Yes, I do have more speakers in the list, most of the names came from this forum... And now I think I know which sound I want. I want the Triangle sound, but without that "forwardness" of the sound, and with a little bit warmer voices (kind of AE). The guy in the shop said that could be balanced with the amp, so I think that would be the way to go. Right?

About the perfect speaker... I had an affaire with it last monday. The dealer had a final nice surprise for me, he had set a couple of Isophon Enigma (I had never heard before about them) with AVM electronics. He gave me a demo I didn't ask for, and I can tell you it was an exhaustive one, but never exhausting. Spanish guitar, opera, classical music, jazz... And with all as good as I hadn't heard before. And all what I said above that I wanted in a speaker... But even more! The high tones given by that diva would hurt my ears with average speakers. That was heaven. I don't want to go into more details (too many, even for me...), but I can tell you I felt I was there, specially with the jazz. So, if you are ready to spend 3250 euro, you can get these.
Sorry, I can't finish yet... He had even more: he gave me a thorough demo in home cinema with the Triangle speaker package (Horizon) and a pioneer receiver (don't know which, but powerful and big enough, if that gives an idea). He played some scenes from "Ice Age", "Gladiator", a concert I didn't know, and some other movie I don't remember. It was really impressive. He knows how to sell his stuff :) But the best of all is that he didn't force anything, when I told him that at home I lost a lot of what I heard first in the shop with the speakers, he even said that maybe it would be better for me to wait.
You know, if I were here to stay, I think I know who would be my guru :)

In the end... I think I will buy the Triangle, because I heard them and liked them (and what I wanted to improve, can be done with the right amp, cables and player, in the long term). It is in any case an improvement with respect to my current system... But I think I will wait to see my plans for this year and perspectives for the next... My girfriend is colombian and would like to go there... with me! :)

IMPORTANT: final remark I forgot about... At home I have a good Yamaha cassette player, and I tried some tapes I have... Well, the Triangle made it perfect (without that little things I'd like to improve on them!), and the AE were terrible, it was like "overwarming", if can be said so.

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