Speaker and Amp advice for turntable upgrade


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Morning all, hoping somone can give a bit of advice.

My wife has offered to buy some upgrades for me for my scarily close 40th bday and I am just looking for a bit of guidance on what to do. Currently I have the following setup

Rega Planar RSD 2018 edition upgraded to Bias 2 cartridge
Rega mini Pre Amp
Edifier r1855db active speakers

I have a budget of £300 to £500 and was thinking I might look for some passive speakers and an amp, but trying to get them both within this budget seems a bit of a minefield.

So questions...
Is this the best way to spend the money?
Will I notice any significant improvement?
If yes does anyone have any suggestions for amp and speakers? Currently considering the Spektor 2 or Elac DB5.2

Thanks in advanced a confused vinyl fan


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As you have one source I’d stick with actives and put as much money into them as you can. Later look at phono stage and cart upgrades.


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I’m with @MaryWhitehouse, add a nice passive preamp and a better set of proper active speakers. For the budget I would look at -

Tisbury Peamp - £159 new but often come up on eBay around the £100 mark. You loose the remote but the sound benefit is worth the extra exercise to get up and change the volume.

For speakers the Tannoy Gold 7 are hard to beat in the £350 range and look a bit more interesting than the usual black boxes (note monitor speakers are usually sold singly so you need two, but bundle deals are after available with cables).

The Adam T7V are also worth a listen.

Or the JBL 306’s

All of these have a 6.5-7” woofer which will give you a bit of extra bass and a fuller sound compared to the 4.5” of the edifiers, however if you are a base head the M-Audio BX8 will shake the walls nicely and are in budget.

If you want next steps then the Tisbury matching phono is good plus a AT VM95ML cartridge and finally a subwoofer like the BK P12 or XKS200 or Double Gem.


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Tisbury Peamp - £159 new

If it’s as good as their phono stage then just buy new as they’re v helpful.

If you want next steps then the Tisbury matching phono is good plus a AT VM95ML cartridge

An excellent combo for relatively little money and good step up. Speakers first though :)

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