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So I'm helping a friend upgrade his media room that's currently my old cast offs. I've pushed him away from replacing the AV Receiver, as really its the best piece of kit he has, it's only weakness is no atmos support and the hdmi support isn't great, but he's not looking for atmos and it will accept an arc signal so for the moment he can get round the outdated hdmi, and more towards trying to find a replacement for the speaker set, which arguably was always the weakest bit of my old system, and were really a bad purchase.

Issue is his budget is lower than the market I'm familiar with at around £500 to a basic 5.1 system and I'm little unsure which speakers would be good suggestions for him to look at.

Are there any suggestions for reasonably well rounded speakers sets that I can point him towards as possible options for his room based on this budget?

Thanks in advance


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Please list the items of what your friend has at his disposal. I'm guessing he already has some speakers since he has an AVR and it might be that he has to upgrade some parts bit by bit in order to get the best solution for him whilst using some of his older equipment during the process

So, if you do a complete list of what he owns together with the size of the room and his overall budget, this will help everyone help you both in moving in the right direction with upgrading his media room :)

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What kit does he have and details of the room and room layout are required.


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