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Currently only have a stereo system .... Arcam Alpha 10 Amp driving a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 7's and a Rel Strata III Sub. Want to move to 5:1.

Not sure if I should keep the current stereo system and build up a 'small box' surround sound system or stay with larger speakers.
I know I should have a budget but I'm still working out where I want to be on that curve of diminishing returns :zonked:

My current thinking is ......

Separate Systems -
a) Budget System 1 - Canton Movie CD1 (can pick up a set of speakers up for 450 Euro ca 300 GBP)

b) Budget System 2 - Mission M30 Cinema Pack (ca 370 GBP)

c) M&K K-5. Not sure how much this is going to cost as I am in Austria but have relatives in America.

Combined System -
d) Replace my current Monitor Audios with Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3B. Will these speakers be a step down in Stereo performance when compared to my older but more expensive Monitor Audio Silver 7's or has technology moved on that much?

e) Buy a centre and two rear Monotor Audio Speakers to match my current system (this is ikely to cost more than option d).

My questions are, in your own honest opinion -

1. Are the budget surround sound systems going to give a better sound for movies or is their sound likely to be well below the quality of my current stereo system? or will the surround sound effect make up for any reduction in sound quality?

2. Is option d. (Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3B) going to give a better performance than option e. M&K System? Big box v little box.

Yes I know demo demo demo is the answer but there isn't the same opportunity to demo here (Austria) as back in the UK, hence the reason I'm looking for opinions.

PS Any advice on which Amps to use with each system (especially the M&K's) would also be appreciated.

Ian J

The comparison between big and little box isn't as straight forward as it seems as all M&K speakers are satellites so won't go down below 80Hz. The bigger speakers may go lower but possibly all that extra depth could be wasted if you have your crossover on the sub set to 80Hz anyway.

Of all those listed my preferred option would be to keep your existing Monitor Audio speakers and try and find a centre that will match them. Matching the rears to the fronts is less important and you may wish to try bipoles instead of direct radiating speakers depending on the layout of your room.

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